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What we use

When it comes to design & frontend there's two tools we swear by, Figma and Chakra UI. We use Figma to build a complete design system that scales with you, and Chakra UI to implement it.

We build our sites using Sanity, an unmatched CMS for flexibility and performance. Pair this with Next.js a framework built for speed and scale, and a hosting platform to match.

Airtime rewards Gatsby.js website build wrapped in cling-film

Why we use it

We wanted to see how far we could pushing cutting edge tooling to provide the best of all worlds. Ever wanted to scale from 10 pages to 10,000 with sub-second load times - yeah, we've done that.

If it's security you're interested in, we've worked relentlessly to ensure our platforms are stress tested and distributed. Not to mention we've worked with military-grade security, so you might say we know what we're doing.

Sanity windows infrastructure enabling best in class performance

Roboto Guarantee

We've built 100's of ultra-fast sites and we know what works and what doesn't. So when we say "we can get you the closest to 100/100 performance on Google Lighthouse" we mean it.

We ensure that every page is preloaded, every image is optimised for varying screen sizes and our sites distributed throughout the world to provide sub-second performances when accessing your site.

Chakra UI frontend design system

Figma Designs

We meticulously design our websites in Figma ensuring matching paddings, scaling and a consistent typography throughout.


Next.js Generation

We use Next.js to build out your website. It's the frontrunner in speed, scalability and modularity. Think React built for ultra-fast websites


Static by design

Because of the way Next.js works, the websites are built utilising Static Site Generation (SSG). Essentially the best possible way to rank in Google


Dynamic by nature

All of the pages are dynamically generated with a headless content management system, with a seamless preview to boot


Component focused

All of the building blocks for the website are built as components ensuring your page load is fast and maintenance is easy



Whichever tool you want to use, we can integrate it, and ensure it's running perfectly alongside your website.



From your first component to your 20th, your website will be built scalable with Typescript, Chakra UI & React



Because the website is built statically, it's pretty much bomb-proof security-wise. Say goodbye to sleepless nights.

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Scandi CornerPharmasealairtimeMinistry of DefenceWarner BrosEidoScapeDiscoveryWilmott DixonSunesisTeckroLivepeerMojoydentityflomarketable
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