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As far as CMS are concerned, the market is oversaturated and homogenous. They may have a couple of bells and whistles, but ultimately none stand out.

That is, excluding Sanity. Sanity is the only fully extensible, fully flexible and fully scalable CMS out there, that we know of. We stopped using other CMS purely because they have a very clear lifespan until they become cumbersome and impractical.

Sanity CMS Showing the built in schema
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Our tried & true method of achieving client success

Roboto Team

Why Next.js

We’ve been around the block when it comes to frameworks, we’ve been burnt, we’ve been smitten and we’ve ultimately learnt a lot about what makes a website successful over the 20+ years combined experience. What we know about Next.js is:

  • It can build websites unbeatably fast (in our tests)
  • It has the infrastructure in place to endlessly improve and update
  • It’s almost identical to React, so has access to the biggest library of all JS
  • It has part of the Google team on board to ensure SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

This matters because in our opinion, it’s the only platform we would adopt, knowing that it’s still going to be remarkably fast, remarkably stable and ultimately, the best platform for web development for the next 5 years.

Why use Next.js

Vercel Hosting

Vercel is hosting that was developed by the team that built Next.js. This is important due to two reasons:

  1. This means update parity, whenever Next.js get’s a significant update, your hosting will get that same update.
  2. It’s built exactly for Next.js. So every tweak, every performance gain and every last detail of analytics is built around Next.js.

Only Caveat

When it comes to hosting, we have one real question. How big do you think your website will be and do you think you’ll blow through the 1TB of bandwidth? As a complete ballpark, I would say if you expect to have more than half a million unique visitors a month - it may be worth looking at AWS. There’s an incredible article written about this here.

Vercel hosting platform
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Scandi CornerPharmasealairtimeMinistry of DefenceWarner BrosEidoScapeDiscoveryWilmott DixonSunesisTeckroLivepeerMojoydentityflomarketable
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